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tv   Headline News  RT  April 30, 2013 2:00am-2:29am EDT

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shooting itself in the food u.s. media reports suggest that secret american payments to the afghan government have been ending up in the hands of warlords drawn barons and even the taliban insurgents that nato has been battling against for the last decade. a russian passenger plane has reportedly come under a missile fire in syrian air space but the one hundred fifty nine passengers flying home from narrowly escaped unharmed. cash for cots. multi-billion euro payout in return for slashing fifteen thousand state sector jobs as the e.u. braces itself for new unemployment figures. and the u.k. could be about to boost its military presence in the gulf states bring questions about its priorities as its coves these up to regimes with poor human rights
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records. in the russian capital you're watching r t josh now the u.s. has for years been calling for crack down on corruption within afghanistan's government but it turns out behind the curtains american officials may have played a driving role in shadow we do use their media reports suggest that millions of dollars in cash are regularly shipped to the afghan leadership in return for u.s. influence in running the country president hamid karzai has confirmed the shipments but claims that their scope are being exaggerated details from. both u.s. and afghan officials spoke on the condition of anonymity to the new york times and
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said that for many years the cia had paid tens of millions of dollars in what they say was ghost money to the office of president karzai the afghan government has received billions of dollars in u.s. taxpayers money but the officials say that the secret cash went to few corruption in the country the cia apparently delivers the cash every month in suitcases backpacks and plastic shopping bags the official said much of the money goes to paying off warlords and politicians many of whom have ties to the drug trade and in some cases the taliban the result of that appears to be that the agency empowers the same networks that american diplomats aligned for spent agents say they're trying to dismantle president karzai was asked about the goetia money and knowledge to see bin get he basically dismissed the payments as no big deal saying those are monthly small amounts used for various purposes as the cia declines to comment another u.s. official has been pointed to say the biggest source of corruption in afghanistan
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was the united states afghan officials quoted in this new york times report said a number of senior officials in the afghan national security council are individually on the cia's payroll there was an interesting story with the administrative chief counsel mohamed. he was arrested in two thousand and ten in connection with the sprawling american led investigation that tied together afghan . taliban financing and the opium trade president karzai heading released within hours and the cia then helped persuade the obama administration to back off its anti-corruption push possibly because they didn't want the cia connection discovered in the alleged corruption scheme because that would be a story of a dog chasing its tail in washington. now anti-war campaigner richer backer says the billions of dollars that washington has already
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poured into afghanistan have no way helped the country's people. it's really amazing when you look at the cia operations in afghanistan which really began that in two thousand and one of the one nine hundred seventy nine the one nine hundred eighty s. the cia lied just operation and some tire history was carried out in afghanistan and the billions and billions of dollars that have flowed and yet today in two thousand and thirteen afghanistan ranked exactly last so it really indicates what about the corrupting influence that the cia interventionists head over all of these years and continues to have today and they're spending a vast sums of money the real the us military budget this year overall will be over a trillion dollars and yet we have today in the united states virtually half nearly forty percent of the population according to the government itself is now either living in poverty or as low income and the interests of the people have been
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sacrificed on the altar of militarism. now the united states takes action to ease the alarming situation that's developing and guantanamo bay extra doctors are being sent to the camps detainees are on a hunger strike but keefe human rights concerns remain on addressed and that's had for you here in our team. greece has been handed a two point eight billion euro that's the latest tranche of its second bailout money it desperately needs to avoid default the cash was unlocked after athens did away with fifteen thousand state jobs to meet budget demands by the e.u. and the i.m.f. but the mood could get grimmer yet as a european commission draws up the euro zone's latest on employment data well after last month's disappointing figures expectations aren't high as you can see here of the most indebted states have seen jobless numbers soar to greece spain portugal we're talking here and on employers use unemployment is roughly double the overall
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rate as artist tests are so in our reports it takes more than just numbers to see the true extent of the damage. the unemployment rate in years and this recently featured a record twelve percent of films each twenty five countries like spain and greece that number is its heart is more than fifty percent interest i think of any economic improvement for those who are looking for a job that search is no longer just about trying to find work many are now trying to leave their home country like niccolo wriggles e a biology graduate from italy now working in a shop in brussels and the situation in italy was that he needs to. be to steal everything everybody needs to get really sure contract for the next three months or six months with absolutely new kissimmee to all who are now in industry most of them were two thousand and eight the situation room he's super head ditch and you
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can't really think of your future he says it wasn't a walk in the park in belgium either as many companies required working knowledge of both french and dutch a barrier that may be hard to overcome but perhaps still more attractive for some of the going back home in that you referred to it in two thousand and twelve the president of for young people keep any secrets from you tell you grew up like thirty forty percent in two towns and i think really we don't know what he'd be interested in and it's not just e.u. citizens feeling the pinch foreigners would come to europe to seek new opportunities starting their own businesses and building their lives have now will also change their minds freds iana this meant leaving greece and going all the way back to her native ecuador and while homesickness was the initial reason for the move she has no regrets about making that decision to six thousand feet off the
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island and many foreigners decided to leave grace and move to countries like germany and switzerland but the greatest stayed behind are saying that the situ. is really difficult there for instance serviceman he used to get one and a half thousand euros are now paid just nine hundred our place has been open for two years even though still new i believe we have very good prospects for the future. something she says just isn't possible in europe right now to trend look at the figures in countries like ardent some people argue that a whole generation has left and perhaps for good you know. i don't think so. going to stay here for and saying yes or sylvia r.t. brussels now the debt crisis and golf in europe may be starting to literally cost lives academics behind a major study say that as many as ten thousand people have committed suicide due to
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financial ruin dr david stockleigh of oxford university who is researching the impact it was terribly cannot mix on public health so as politicians are risking more than they realise. what we've seen in studying recessions over the past century and the focus on the present crisis is that recessions hurts but when politicians respond with deep cuts to vital social supports they can turn those recessions lethal in the worst case we've seen greeks after rate cuts malaria prevention budgets we saw the return of outbreaks of the country and kept under control for the past four decades you seem to be impassioned spike by over two hundred percent at a time when the h o p budget was caught similarly we've seen across europe austerity produced series of epidemics from suicide to poor on access to health care to tuberculosis south proves that you can get bigger so far europe's leaders have been taken on or the human costs of the stereo policies pursued
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your pseudonym here in north america but this question recently asked of what we need to do is take into account the health office that i had on the polls as had. been rhyming like any other drug trial it would have been discontinued because of it was to outside the us. now an influential british thing tagg believes a country should sand more troops to a third tarion arab states in the persian gulf region at this at a time when the u.k. military is at its smallest in t.n.a. years and while united services institute its conclusions come as a surprise to many who fear such a move would further destabilize an already troubled region as a he's played like an hour reports. ri c. is a world renowned defense think tank that credited with really influencing government defense policy so these recommendations and what they're talking about in this
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paper to be taken lightly the paper talks about the fact that it might be britain might be considering stepping up its military presence in the gulf states especially next year after they pull out from afghanistan now that would be quite a departure from forty years ago when they actually shut down a string of defense bases in the gulf states and they say that might be wise considering that the rest taking place in the arab states at the moment they might want to preempt trouble if they're based in the gulf states at the moment on the other hand there is of course the problem of some of the human rights records of some of the countries that they might be dealing with that might not be too good for britain's image and of course talking about returning to the middle east in terms of military presence might force some observers to talk about two imperial
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powers and imperial aspirations so to talk about britain's presence in the gulf states. i'm joined in the studio by chris bambery he's a political analyst quests the recent paper says that increased military presence in the gulf of would be justified considering the instability that we're witnessing at the moment in the region what do you think was the british military presence in the gulf can only instability. what is the instability in the gulf states the movement internally to the states what we're talking about is a democracy movements we've seen. we're going to interview against a democracy would demand a human rights insult to our nation nor i think really when she wouldn't talk which ability to run and what we're seeing at the moment so i think it's because of so from sanctions against iran. you there is also an american led in order to build up which britain is engaged in in the persian gulf which is deliberately aimed as part of the temperature on the rest of money we know that britain is very strapped for
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cash the arab states are swimming in it if you've got a cash cow why not milk it well david cameron and they're all farmers you mention and you have been. begging bowl ribbon potential asking for money and selling anything they can return for that's actually a very cool between the united arab emirates and some forty million pounds of building what once was a trade between the two qatar is the biggest supplier of that actual gas and i think if you kinda develop a not to ease a dependence on russia because of tension between britain and russia as well but i think we have got to put in the context of this is a return to of an imperial policy which has been spearheaded by the united states with britain truly behind and therefore decision to increase any military presence in the gulf as it was instability chris bambery thank you very much for your comments in december the u.k. chief of defense staff said that after afghanistan the gulf will become the u.k.'s main military effort and it looks like this report is proving that theory correct
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especially if according to receipt they could be a lot of money to be made in the gulf states for the british government. i'll be back with more news very shortly so don't go away. while. it's technology innovations all the developments from around russia we've got the future covered.
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the international landlords in the very heart of moscow. welcome back you're watching r.t. coming to you live from moscow now a russian passenger plane has reportedly conder fire an air space to surface to air missiles are said to have narrowly missed the aircraft which had around one hundred sixty people on board were artist like sierra chef he joins us live now was more on this why do we know what exactly happened at this point well there are so many
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conflicting reports that it's actually hard to say what's true and what's not but we do know for a fact that and nor do we in the airlines russian plane carrying at least one hundred sixty passengers from egypt to the russian. lend it safely in the long run . board but there was information that pilots saw some kind of military threats to the aircraft and that's why they had to increase their altitude by one kilometer you know in order to avoid it now this is the official line the unofficial line the reports which have all been confirmed this is most speculation at the moment we're waiting for any confirmation on that is that the passengers of the plane actually saw explosions in mid air and that the pilots of this aircraft literally had to do evasive maneuvers in order to avoid getting hit by a missile coming from syria now we spoke to the ideation expert who said that something like this scenario like this would not be possible with
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a civilian aircraft. but one of the book the passenger planes own very maneuverable and the usual shot from the signs up from below or something the crew of a passenger plane come possibly see and an oncoming missile is going too fast for a civilian aircraft to dodge. well is this the first time a civilian aircraft has been in a situation like this no it is not the first time there's already been an incident in january twenty third scene when syrian rebels fired at the iranian plane there was no information about whether there were any passengers or cargo on board that plane but we know that that time the syrian rebels used to. use machine guns and manned weapons not missiles and blaine although received some damages but eventually landed safely moreover we heard from last year that the civil aircraft landing in moscow would be considered a legitimate targets the syrian rebels believe that the countries who are
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supporting are using those. airports and those airplanes to deliver weapons and ammunition to the assad government to the saudi troops now obviously this means that this is a great danger for all civilian aircraft according to the to the head of the tourism union the latest incident although it hasn't gotten front will probably lead to a russian aircraft or companies abstaining from flying over the syrian territory we already know that the biggest russian airline aeroflot has already seized their flights to damascus along with several other major companies so it is interesting to see whether this latest incident will be confirmed we are waiting for some information from the russian foreign minister but definitely if this proves to be true this wouldn't surprise anybody given this warning which came by the syrian rebels almost a year ago. already i say thanks very much indeed for the something else here ches care for you there. now it remains unclear whether the people on the ground knew
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they were firing at a russian civilian plane however syrian rebels earlier said they consider any aircraft belonging to countries they see as backers of president assad to be legitimate targets that iraqi from the syrian youth movement suspects the attack was intentional. the most amazing concept which could have happened was rebel fire from missiles which could have been given by regional countries or taken from government forces it's very hard to define whether it's intentional by accident but it probably would be intentional or noble forces would fire a missile at an airplane a civilian aircraft without it being done intentionally the history of rebels using . missiles to fire against civilian aircraft especially in the south of syria so it can essentially another reprehensible act which probably would have been committed by rebel forces and should gain condemnation from all the states after it is clear who actually committed this. but it does show that these are not the liberal forces which the west wanted to arm in the first place and the fact that they would even consider to attack russian airplane shows that the level of borrowing or barbarism
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because russia supports a political solution in this area crosses they would be a target for rebel groups for any russian civilians or any russian. specialists in siberia including arab the syrian unrest could soon move closer to israel's border the conflict has forced a mask is to pull sounds of troops from its part of israel occupied golan heights to fight rebels in other parts of syria well that's left an area vulnerable to armed jihad is security a prospect israel finds highly worrying as are reports. technically israel and syria are still at war but paradoxically for the last forty years the occupied golan heights have proved to be relatively peaceful until now. i believe seventy six. ok it's. no one you know and you can feel.
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the jews a religious minority very distantly connected to islam were split by the un mandated ceasefire border in one sixty seven when israel occupied the golan heights since then those who live in israeli side of the fence have been paying close attention to the events on the other side recently their reasons for worry have multiplied as news of a major reconnaissance mission by syria broke in early april the information came from western diplomats who said that the recent retirement of syrian troops in the area was perhaps the biggest one in more than forty years some say that as many as twenty thousand highly trained soldiers have left the golan heights leaving behind what could be described as a security vacuum which could soon be filled by none other than the syrian rebels who have already tried taking shots at the druze villages in the golan heights. the druze say islamists fighting in syria target them as followers of a cult. and.
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some of the. very very. on top of that jihad is militants operating in syria seem to be now getting a helping hand from within israel itself this really internal security service shin bet said instances of israeli arabs sneaking into syria to fight alongside radical islamists have increased in recent months something they insist that has almost never occurred before they are. go and decide not just to join the syrian opposition but to join the islam is sectors and more specifically the law firm and the more radical part of the salafi which like the eleuthera front which as we know it recently pled to alliance to al qaeda so it's the same reasons that have driven people in the past to join jihad in iraq even the un peacekeeping force finds the situation for other unsettling conflict is always possible everywhere it is the
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sounds of gunshots from the border with syria get louder and seem to move closer to home is relief issues are already showing signs of getting close to hitting the panic button saying they're ready to hit back militarily a situation in the golan heights becomes critical and that may mean yet another war for israel in the golan heights if you negotiate. well almost three months after the hunger strike started to spread among inmates at guantanamo bay prison camp the wife is finally taking action over the situation there it sends some forty medics to the camp to help those detainees who are refusing food and that's more than half of the prisoners or more than twenty other protesters are being force fed and some have been hospitalized meanwhile the key issues raised by the starving inmates those of indefinite detention and human rights abuses were made on addressed by washington most of the guantanamo detainees are being held without charge and many have been cleared for release terry cooper's psychiatry professor at the right
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institute things the best way to keep the inmates alive would be to give them more humane conditions. and one or two people go on a hunger strike it's an extreme act they're taking the risk of their life and they have a message that they want to deliver they exhausted all of the possibilities to communicate and have a voice when a hundred people or twenty some people even go on a hunger strike you've got a major problem with the harsh conditions and the end the answer is to settle with the prisoners and improve the conditions instead they're playing a stream we danger the military is playing extremely dangerous game of letting them starve to death and then the question of whether they should be forced better or not which is not really the real question the real question is why not address their demands. well time now to take a look at what's happening elsewhere in the world believe u.s. constitutional court has ruled out the current president to have a more all this can run for a third term in december next year the court said that the country's updated
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constitution which allows only one real action team to power after morality the second ten year started and doesn't apply in his first term this has caused our age among the believe in opposition which claims the decision is biased. impossible five people have been found guilty of human organ trafficking and a court handed down the maximum sentence of eighteen years to have an illegal clinic in pristina were the transplants took place cos of old man dr. and his accomplices recruited impoverished organ donors in eastern europe and central asia the clinic was closed in two thousand and eight after a turkish man whose kid may have been removed collapsed at an airport. next it's breaking the set with abby marks and go away.
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ski a mavis that going to be a big money in stevia to you which is both a cultural contemporary i don't take no logic east of the auditorium so join me took almost say on the t m a the second as we bring you the glitz the glamour and the best of the best in the performing arts at marines. you know sometimes you see the story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else here's some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard look at the big picture.
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removed about international and world in the very heart of moscow. to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous bad luck i got so many i mean the town that i'm still really messed up. and we're all very sort of. the. worst sugarloaf a low life outside of a. radio guy and for a minute they could possibly want to get close to to receive anything like this
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i'm told. hey guys welcome to break in the set i'm abby martin and environment where real investigative journalism is in serious decline it's important to recognize those who go to great lengths to uncover the uncomfortable truths and that's why jeremy scahill that work is so crucial is the same journalist who blew open blackwater's criminal code ball and now he's delving into even more dangerous territory to expose the scope of u.s. covert wars with his new book an upcoming documentary film called dirty wars take a look. hard to say when the story began greetings from kabul. this was supposed to be the frontline in the war on terror what's the name of this military but i knew i was missing the story there was another war in the shadows. and i agreed.
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to see the two men in the guest house for the first people could. have been in those you saw the u.s. forces take the bullets out of the bodies. were these men that stormed into the woods home and why would they go to such horrifying likes to cover up their actions so to talk about the evolution of u.s. foreign policy in the mindset that the world is a battlefield i was joined earlier for an in-depth interview investigative journalist and author of blackwater and dirty wars jeremy scahill. so if you're on the street if the u.s. that were they'd probably say no obama.


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